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We have helped thousands of home owners cut their energy bills through putting solar PV and thermal panels on their roofs. Those who have invested have been able to harness the sun’s free ultra violet energy to heat household hot water and to generate green electricity. Through the financial benefits operated by the Government you can also earn cash from this environmentally friendly power generation, so you’ll see a good guaranteed return from your money. Check out our great finance packages.

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Make cash and lower your bills

Check out the government schemes High efficiency solar panels

Save around £750 a year (based on: 4kWp PV system and a 14.38p/kWh tariff). You'll be paid for electricity generated/used and what isn't used and exported back into the grid.

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It won't bust the budget

Go green with your home High efficiency solar panels

Solar power offers you an environmentally friendly energy. To take the next step towards this click here for more information on our solar range of products.

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It’s affordable and good value

Solar for any budget through smart financing High efficiency solar panels

We have affordable prices and finance routes to bring you solar panels which are very efficient so they’ll save you money every year.

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A solar customer's cast study

Councillor Hughes' Home Solar PV Installation

Green Party former local councillor Mr Philip Hughes bought the biggest system possible from A&B Solar.

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Easy-read Guide

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about solar power so you can fully understand whether it’s right for your home and how it works to your advantage. It shows:

  • What solar PV and solar thermal are

  • How you can get our installed on your home

  • How the two of them differ

To find out more see our guide that informs you about solar  or call us if you have any further questions.

Our experts will be able to give you the answers to your questions, either technical or about installation, and they can talk you through the Government income schemes and finance. A&B are also certified EPC providers.

We’ll tell you if your property is suitable for solar energy!

You can cut your carbon footprint and lower your electricity bills at the same time through solar power. But that’s not all, as you can earn a good interest rate from your investment through the Government-run Feed in Tariff.

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